BOO Mining [Earn as you Search]

There are 3 types of BOO Mining:

  1. Storage Mining
  2. Crawler Mining
  3. Earn as you Search

In this thread, we are talking specifically about “Earn-as-you-Search” because it is the easiest method out of all.

What is Earn-as-You-Search?
For every search performed on Boogle, users will be rewarded with Boo Tokens, Boogle’s own cryptocurrency.

In addition, users will also earn Boo Tokens when they click on ads that appear on the Boogle search engine.

How to Earn-as-You-Search?

  1. Create an account in Boogle’s Search Engine
  2. Search!

Each unique search earns you 0.001 BOO Token.

Prices of BOO Token are updated in Boogle’s Search Engine main page.


When will we able to storage or crawl mine?

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Hi @JeffAnderson,

Thank you for your interest. As we have plans to expand overseas, we welcome partnerships and investments from our close-knit community!

Do send a short writeup on your ideas to collaborate with us as miner.


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Thanks for the email :100:

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I’m new to mining, can anyone please explain storage or crawler mining? Is it the same as CPU or GPU mining?


I assume Storage Mining is referring to Proof-of-Space. Wikipedia will probably explain it better than me (, but basically its telling Boogle “hey I can rent out some memory in exchange for money”.

Edit: Also related to the Proof-of-Work model crypto currencies use, it’s like a subsidiary of it.


@BlackTiger Thanks for the info!

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Hi. I am interested in mining PoC or Crawler Mining
Can you help me get started? Thank you for your response.

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Hi @zeero_22. We will be releasing open-source for BOO token mining by end of 2019! Stay tuned for more information nearer to date!


thx for info :slight_smile:

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