BooChat [Discuss Features] [Close Beta Testing]

BooChat is currently in Closed Beta Testing.

This thread is speculating what BooChat will include :blush:

:pen: To sign in BooChat:

  1. Register with mobile number
  2. Enter the 6 digit code sent to you mobile number
  3. Deny/Allow BooChat to access your contacts

:round_pushpin: BooChat features:

  • BooChat Pay
  • Text/Call your friends
  • Find people nearby
  • Search users
  • Post text/image/video to your stories
  • See top stories of your friends
  • Scan QR codes to add friends
  • Inbuilt Games
  • Sticker Gallery

:credit_card: What is BooChat Pay?

  • Transfer Boo Tokens to your friends.
  • Pay for advertising on Boogle Search Engine
  • Pay for online & in-store purchases

:question: Feedbacks | Questions
Comment in the thread to tell us what you want to see in BooChat and your thoughts on existing speculated features!

Hi, does it mean that we can use boochat to transfer my boo token to other?

Yes, that’s right. You can use BooChat to transfer your BOO Token to your friends :slight_smile:

Hi admin! Other than transferring of tokens, we can interact with other crypto users there as well?

How can I test the app?

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Hi JeffAnderson,

Boochat is currently in closed beta, do stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you.

Can’t wait for open beta :heart_eyes:


Following. Waiting for more updates on Boochat! looks interesting and informative :relaxed:

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Nice, it will be a big thing

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Where can i download Boochat?

Hi @KohCheePing, Please refer to this :slight_smile:

Where can I download the BooChat app?