Boogle Update 27 December 2019 | Coming Soon: BOO token listing on LATOKEN

Boogle Updates 27 December 2019

  1. Coming Soon: BOO token listing on LATOKEN
  2. Boogle Academy FEB 2020 Launch
  3. Boogle in Talks with representatives from Various ASEAN Governments for Country Blockchain
  4. Boogle Browser is now BEX


1. Coming Soon: BOO token listing on LATOKEN


Boogle’s token, BOO will be listed on LATOKEN 2.0 Platform soon. LATOKEN is the top 20 digital exchange specialized in providing liquidity for new digital assets, with a $300 million daily turnover, 300 000 registered traders, and more than 320 crypto pairs available for trading.

Boogle is excited to be listed on LATOKEN 2.0 and we will be releasing when BOO will be listed on LATOKEN at a later time. Stay connected to Boogle via Telegram.

2. Boogle Academy will be launching in February 2020

A college degree isn’t worth what it used to be. To get hired, grads today need relevant hard skills but is our education system future-proof?

Boogle Academy, Boogle’s non-profit education arm, is an educational programme that aims to produce technologically competent leaders of tomorrow. Launching in early February 2020, Boogle Academy aims to nurture future technopreneurs by providing an innovative and experiential learning environment for children and youths to develop their skills and knowledge in the area of technology. The Academy also hopes to provide equitable access to technology education especially at the early childhood, leading up to early primary school level.

Boogle Academy is made up of four pillars, two focusing on the education and two on development. The education pillar, which comprises of Boogle Modules and Boogle Works focuses on equipping learners with the knowledge, skills and subject mastery. The development pillar houses Boogle Labs, a research arm and Boogle X-cellence, a concept that looks at building a satellite centre of excellence.
The Academy will be housed at Level 2 of Boogle HQ, located at 62 Bendemeer Road, Singapore. Interested parties should contact Boogle Administrators on Telegram to learn more.

3. Boogle in Talks with Representatives from Various ASEAN Governments to Set Up Country Node

Boogle HQ has been hosting visitors consisting of leaders and representatives from the governments and state-owned enterprises of Cambodia ,Thailand and Vietnam. The dignitaries wanted to learn more about Boogle’s technology and explore possible ways of using blockchain for government administration as well as to develop the country’s economy.

Boogle is excited to assist ASEAN countries in developing a blockchain ecosystem as the world moves speedily into Industry 4.0. Stay tuned to Q1 of 2020 for official announcements!


4. Boogle Browser is now named BEX

Boogle held a logo and naming contest earlier in October 2019 with 79 submissions from Boogle’s Community Forum. The winning submission was originally called HEXA. After internal discussions, Boogle’s very own browser will be called BEX.

Boogle’s Product Team is working hard to get BEX browser up and running. BEX will allow users to have more opportunities to earn BOO tokens!

Boogle Bex, not bad. I like it. :laughing: