Is that macOS better for privacy than Windows 10?

I’m currently using Windows 10. I’ve heard from my friend who is using macOS that it is much better.

I prefer windows because of the flexibility; however, if my privacy is at stake :sweat_smile: I might be considering switching to macOS, but I want to hear from more people.

Any opinions?

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Finally, something unusual.

I’m using macOS and my brother’s using Windows. Let me try to break down for you as much as I can based on MY experience.

Well, in terms of security and privacy, the winner is macOS. Period. You have never heard of any macOS that is sent for repair due to viruses, due to their aggressive approach to user privacy to protect their users from virus/threat, MacOS did an excellent job in compartmentalizing their system.

Also, since Windows has a much larger market, malware tends to aim at Windows users.

My MacBook has been with me for like, five years? Never gotten ANY viruses before, and yet my brother’s Asus has only gotten his laptop for like two years, and it has been sent for repair due to viruses for three times at least.

He only uses windows because he can play almost any games :woman_shrugging:.

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Interesting, so you’re a fan of macOS in terms of privacy huh?

I heard macOS cannot play game?

Using windows for me, as it is user-friendly, and did not need to jailbreak this or that. Probably purchase an excellent anti-virus to counter the tremendous amount of threat?

I heard macOS cannot play game?

Well, you can, but not all the games.

You can play most of the games that are available on blizzard and some of the games on steam. It depends.

But if you want to use macOS but would like to play certain games that are not available for macOS, you can always pay for a service that allows you to switch between macOS and Windows.

However, do note that the array of graphics cards and upgradability also favor Windows-based computers.

It would be troublesome and somewhat costly if you’re still studying.

Oh thanks all, I probably use mac for work and windows for gaming then lol