Privacy International study shows your mental health is for sale

Hope I’m not annoying, just wanna share what I read :slight_smile: good to know too…

97.78% of all web pages we analysed contained a third-party element , such as third-party cookies, third-party JavaScript or an image hosted on a third-party server. We understand and acknowledge that some third-party elements provide useful features, such as fonts or visual effects and are not primarily designed to collect data from the users visiting the page that load these resources. That said, integrating third-party services comes with an inherent privacy risk for users . Websites that contact third parties typically communicate the fact that a particular browser has opened a specific URL (often, in combination with more data related to the operating system, browsers, language settings etc.). Mental health websites often reveal lots of information, simply because it is contained in the URL (i.e. /symptoms/depression/help)

This is not the world we want to live in. Privacy International fights for a world in which people are in control of their data and the technology they use, and in which governments and companies are no longer able to use technology to monitor, track, analyse, profile, and ultimately manipulate and control us.

Not at all ! Is a good read :slight_smile:

Privacy was long invaded. Of course, they wanna invade more for the name of benefit.

We have no choice but to live with it.