What is BOO Mining?

In this thread, we will discuss BOO Token mining

How are BOO Tokens mined?

BOO tokens are mined following the Proof of Work protocol.

There are 3 types of BOO Mining:

Storage Mining
Crawler Mining
Earn as You Search

  • HDD mining, also known as storage mining, involves the storing the data crawled by crawler miners in a separate blockchain. In the case of HDD mining, Boo Tokens earned are determined by computing power.
  • Crawling mining involves miners combing the world wide web for data and storing it on a blockchain.
  • Earn as you Search involves rewarding users who input unique searches at Boogle’s Search Engine

There are approximately 666,666,666,666 BOO tokens in its Genesis block.

Should you have any queries on the different type of mining, please go to respective hyperlink and read up more :relaxed:

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how do i get an account to mine?

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Hi @KohCheePing, to mine BOO using earn as you search. You can refer to this link to create an account: How to create an account in Boogle search engine?.

How do i be a storage miner or crawler miner. Is it like Bitcoin mining

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Hi @KohCheePing.

Thank you for your interest. As we have plans to expand overseas, we welcome partnerships and investments from our close-knit community!
Do send a short writeup on your ideas to collaborate with us as a miner.
Email: Fi.Leong@boogle.io

Thank you!

Wow you reply fast. Ok i will send an email to him. I want to be a part of this community!

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