What is Boogle?

What are we?

Boogle is a decentralized global network blockchain search engine for
users to gather any information they require. Users that use the search
engine platform will be rewarded with Boo tokens whenever they perform
any search or click on any advertisement.

We strive to empower the blockchain community through advanced
technology and a secured and reliable platform.

Boogle is a blockchain search engine. We believe that by creating a
blockchain search engine, we will help the world to search for whatever
is needed without being filtered by a centralized organization.

Boogle is a platform providing all the necessary information about
technology, to be simple enough for end-users to understand.

Our main mission is to reach out to the world with a new concept search
engine powered by blockchain in which the public can benefit from
by getting true information. Our revolutionary technology will make the
world a better place.

We aim to be the world’s largest blockchain search engine powered
by the blockchain technology. At Boogle, we believe that the internet
belongs to the world, and all data should not be kept by one person or

Our Missions & Visions

Our Business Model

Unique Positioning of Boogle

Introducing Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Concept

How does blockchain works?

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