Why Are You Publicly Sharing Your Child’s DNA Information?

Seriously, why?

Then she uploaded their DNA data to MyHeritage and GEDmatch hoping to learn more about the family’s genealogy. Sites like GEDmatch and others are “open-source databases” on which people freely share their DNA online, usually in the hopes of finding long-lost relatives.

Will you or will you not?

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I would actually want to know if I’m more likely to get one of those diseases though

It’s a bit different you deciding if you would like to find out about yourself (or not) than it is somebody taking that choice away from you.

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Would you want to go through your life constantly thinking “my hands are a little trembly today, is this it? Am I doomed?”

Parkinson’s, if it is caused via genetics, is unpreventable (parkinson’s is also caused by environmental factors). Really, most diseases which someone is predetermined to have via genetics are usually not preventable (other than maybe breast cancer). You just have to hope you don’t get it. Knowing you’re susceptible to it doesn’t really help you much other than cause you to worry the rest of your life about every little ache and pain. And through the placebo effect, you might make things worse in some way.

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@turtle0909 even at the costs of downside?

@CutieCheesecake I agree, I’d rather be the one who decide if I want to disclose my DNA.

Genuinely curious: what would be downsides to sharing DNA information? I mean an upside is maybe further genetic research, especially if it’s a weird genetic condition but in struggling to see downsides

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Getting charged more/denied coverage for health insurance due to a prexisting condition, or a non-existent potential condition is the big one. Super invasive.

Had a professor tell me that 23&me or ancestry DNA are already selling their info to big insurance- and that legit DNA testing is significantly more expensive. Ie- you’re paying for those kits the same way you pay for the google suite.

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This is the biggest reason I will never use one of these services.

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